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Creative Entrepreneurship Boot camps

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Are you an entrepreneur, a maker, an aspiring entrepreneur or an artist in any of the following sector: SME, photography, graphic design, music, blogging, social media, dance, creative writing, visual arts and short documentary videos? We are here to help you jump start your learning curve to the right direction through the Wilsen experience.

We are a team of individuals with multiple background in the creative sector with many years of experience spanning from 10+ years, loving what we do and are ready to create a community around the same career and beyond.

“Youths are in need of comprehensive training that challenge them to do more and think more on solutions to tackle emerging trends and needs.” Founder Wi, Wilson Masaka

Cost: For each subject chosen we charge Kes 500 per person for 5 hrs.

Sign Up: Each class requires a minimum of 5 people to a maximum of 25 people. Individual lesson can also be arrange at Kes 1500 for 4hrs.


  • Option One: We come to you.
  • Option Two: We organize for the venue.

Our goals;

1. Demystify how we learn, learn to learn
2. Knowledge sharing with experts
3. Learning beyond the class room