Sponsor Our Activities
Under our ICE (Inspiration, Connect and Educate) Model we run a series of activities as follows;

  • Training workshops
       Aim: Plus One Talent Forums (POT)
       Needs: To run this workshop successfully we need to hire space, equipment and purchase workshop materials.
  • Exchange Program
     Aim; To connect young people with short term training workshops locally and regionally.
     Needs; we invite you to sponsor a youth to attend a training, conference or workshop around our area of operation which will build their capacity and that of our team.
  • Annual Soccer Tournaments
    Aim;  To build a strong communities through football which embraces all cultures and tribes. Our aim is to foster peace initiative through the use of football.
    Needs; Football kits, transport, registration fee for tournaments etc.
  • Field Excursion
    Aim; Tto learn and explore new spaces that will foster creativity and innovation.
    Need; Transport, food, accommodation where necessary etc.
  • Urban to Rural exchange – explore your country
    Aim; To appreciate other cultures and diversity
    Need: Transport, food, accommodation where necessary etc.

Due to lack of funds we are not able to achieve the entire list of targets as outlined above. Since inception we have been running our activities on members’ contributions and support from our founder.

We invite you to partner with us in funding the activities together, and  building lasting bridges that will foster a society of self-confident young people who inspires positive change by using their talents and skills.
Mr. Wilson Masaka, 
Founder, Wilsen Initiative (Wi)