Plus One Talent (1% ideas, 99% action)

POT is a community or an alliance of social entrepreneurs working together with an aim of tackling challenges that affects youths. The team constitutes of skilled and experienced youth leaders and experts who have worked in many fields for example in ICT, Training delivery, Management, Sports for development, Theater, Art management, etc.  We are a group young people and experts with the intentions to lead and impact the World around us through our courage, talent, skills, values, initiative and innovation. The POT (Plus One Talent) targets young people between 12yrs – 35yrs who comes from diverse backgrounds in Kenya.

Overall Objective

To create a platform for creativity and innovation that promotes diverse ways of promoting long-life learning through collaborative culture, positive transformation, skills and talent development.

Expected Outcomes

  • Establishment of a strong youth network that supports lifelong learning through skills sharing.
  • Establishment of authentic content creators among the youth journey either as bloggers, digital artistic, visual artist, etc.
  • Improved system of mentor and mentees network that is geared towards teams’ growth.

Main activities

  1.  Organizing monthly boot-camps that focuses on training of the 21st century career skills that will increase their chances of employ-ability (includes self-employment and start ups). The 21st century skills are; – collaboration and teamwork. creativity and imagination, critical thinking and problem solving.
  2. Daily technical skills training that will increase the visibility of the participants’ work. The training focuses on business model, social media marketing, blogging, photography, creative writing, content curation etc.
  3. Monthly visual art boot camps with experts. This training workshop focus on building self-mastery, arts & culture and appreciation of diversity through arts.
  4. Organizing youth digital arts competition and exhibition. This will be a platform for youth to express their ideas based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  5. Organizing yearly learning exchange program among different groups especially targeting inter-regional collaboration in addressing the Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality education for all.
  6. Organizing monthly motivational session for different groups conducted by experts.
  7. Establishing the connectivity of experts to offer mentor-ship to our target group through collaborative assignment. The mentor and mentees groups work on a challenge that will be launched at every quarter. This is an activity that encourages ISR which stand for Individual Social Responsibility. Everyone is encouraged to learn despite their skills level or background.