INSPIRATION : “Story Yangu” – My Story

Young people are part of the driving force of any economy. We need to encourage them and provide platforms where they can positively express their energy through utilizing their skills and talents. At Wilsen we cultivate a community of role models, coaches and mentors who provides guidance and training.

Talent and skills management are what we seek to develop in order to achieve a more sustainable society that appreciates and respects the youth. We encourage the youth to share their stories to inspire others, and document their life journey’s through available media for positive change making.

Despite that fact not all stories are easy to share in public platforms, we encourage everyone to identify  the lessons learnt or turning points in their journeys that can create or trigger  learning opportunities for their peers to shape  their own unique paths in finding lasting solutions to tackle societies challenges like unemployment .

On many occasions the youth have shared their stories in business, sports and how they  used their talents and skills to their advantage. All the youth who have participated in our program have the full right to their stories; either to share or not to share. Ours is to ensure that we  provide the platform during our regular meetings and features in different media.