About Us

Wilsen Initiative (Wi) is registered under the society act of the republic of Kenya. We are non-profit making initiative and currently we have 25 youth registered as members of the group with our operations majorly based in Mathare North. We encourage other youth from Mathare and its environs to join us in our activities.

Target Group

We work with youth from the informal settlements of Mathare slums in Nairobi, Kenya who are vulnerable to social and economical challenges. The program is open to youth from other slums, although our operations are currently focused in Mathare slums and its environs. We work with both boys and girls from ages 12yrs – 35rs, empowering them with skills  from ICT, creativity, life-skills, sports facilitation etc. We have linkages with other networks (institutions, youth groups and individual experts) that support our work in areas where we lack capacity.

Guideline for membership;

a) Must attend at least attend four of our community activities.
b) Must prove their dedication and contribution to the growth of the initiative and community at large.
c) Must demonstrate a special talent or skills.
d) Must be willing to share and train others on a voluntary basis (Giving Back System).

Members benefits;

a) Social support in case of need.
b) Education opportunities.
c) Networking opportunities.
d) Business ventures through partnerships.
e) Mentor-ship and coaching

Email your application letter and CV to info@wilsenx.com