Donate Time

We believe Individual Social Responsibility (ISR)

We invite people like you to join our cause by donating what we consider to be your most precious commodity; your time and expertise.

Below is a list of activities from which you can choose to take part in. We also welcome the co-creation or co-hosting of events within your area of expertise that matches our areas of interest, and are aligned with our mission and vision;

List of activities to get involved at Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

a) Organize community soccer clinics (Training) with a visiting soccer professional.
b) Mentor one or many youth.
c) Provide training on technical and creative skills (share your experience and knowledge).
e) Organize a training workshop for the youth.
f) Market and/or fundraising for the cause.
g) Create a documentary series of our work and success stories in a format that you are most comfortable with (blogs, pictures, videos etc).

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