Donate Goods ( Equipment)

Soccer Donation from Netherlands

We invite you to make donations of any equipment / material to the initiative either new or used, that will might be useful for support our growth.

This is list of just some of the things we would appreciate from people of goodwill;

a) Computers
b) Books
c) Soccer Kits ( uniforms, track suits, bibs, playing shoes etc)
d) Soccer Balls
e) Office equipment.

Special Thanks

In a special way we thank our friends who donated uniforms and playing shoes to our football team. Great appreciation to Adam (Canada), Paul (Kenya), Wilson (Our founder, Kenya), Hermann (Germany), all our dedicated members and who have contributed to our causes.

a) Paul ( Kenya) – Green uniform
b) Herman (Germany)– Uniforms white & blue
c) Wilson Our founder (Kenya) – Footballs, playing shoes and Bibs.
d) Adam (Canada)– Uniform, playing shoes and balls.
e) Members contribution – yellow uniforms

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