Our Learning to Learn Philosophy (L2L)

 Defining the 4W’s and H as used in our learning to learn at Wilsen Initiative (Wi); 

  1. Why should I learn the skill or technology.
  2. What do I need to read or do which is a must know.
  3. When can I use the skills for personal growth or other impact.
  4. Who else might be interested in the particular skill for networking, partnership or employment.
  5. How can I develop a product using the skills acquired.

The gap we seek to address;

  1. How how can we ensure that youth stay relevant and maintain their values in this world of technological disruption?
  2. How can we create an ecosystem of informed users?
  3. How can young people be engaged through the use of their mobile phone as a platform for learning and positive content production?
  4. How can we the reach unskilled youth through the use of simple tools and technology?

How we intend to help the youth bridge the digital gap.

We organize boot camps that enable interaction between young people and expert groups discover different ways of learning in narrowing the emerging gaps is the society either caused by technological disruption or how we engage as people while also encouraging being positive producers of content than just being a sponge that consume any information.

Our goals are;

  1. To demystify how we learn, learn to learn.
  2. To create a knowledge sharing platform with experts.
  3. To learn beyond the class room.
  4. To promote lifelong learning.

Wi. Experience

So what is the Wi. experience?

The best learning happens in doing, don’t be confined in a room designing for an audience that you have in mind, go out in the field; live there, interact with the target, check hypothesis and let the target have part in designing the program. This is all that we do and encourage through the Wi. experience.

We learn a lot from our lean team and set up, we encourage research before implementation takes place and a good lesson towards that direction is in design thinking or human centred design approach.

Our model towards designing any workshop or program;

ELIT – Model

  • Everyone learns in the process.
  • Live there.
  • Interact with the target audience
  • Target group has part in designing. Collaboration and co-creation




Boot Camps – Wilsen Experience

Don’t miss to connect with the Wi. experience

Creative Entrepreneurship Boot camps

Are you an entrepreneur, a maker, an aspiring entrepreneur or an artist in any of the following sector: SME, photography, graphic design, music, blogging, social media, dance, creative writing, visual arts and short documentary videos? We are here to help you jump start your learning curve to the write direction through the Wilsen experience.

We are a team of individuals with multiple background in the creative sector with many years of experience spanning from 10+ years, loving what we do and are ready to create a community around the same career and beyond.

Cost: For each subject chosen we charge Kes 500 per person for 5 hrs.

Sign Up: Each class requires a minimum of 5 people to a maximum of 25 people. Individual lesson can also be arrange at Kes 1500 for 4hrs.


  • Option One: We come to you.
  • Option Two: We organize for the venue.

Our goals;

1. Demystify how we learn, learn to learn
2. Knowledge sharing with experts
3. Learning beyond the class room

Right to Play Safe

There are many resources that are hard to come by, for example football, football shoes, playing grounds, playing time, expertise and qualified (role models) coaches to mentor the young people among others.
Football is part of our program within the 3 pillars of Inspiration, Connectivity and Education (ICE). We run small football clinics and annual tournament in Mathare North for the youth of the ages 14yrs and above.

We have our senior and junior team that we support called Mathare North Rangers F.C. The most challenging is getting the resources as mentioned above. We have tried as we can to keep the spirit of the game going, but sometimes it is hard to use only one ball for about the two teams and in this case you will find the young once been denied the chance to play because the seniors always take the priority.

The football shoes campaign is still on and will call on individual, organizations, sports federation etc; to join hands with us in providing the necessary resources for young people in disadvantages communities who have the passion to play.